Johnny Cash’s other house–in Dyess, Arkansas

I’m sure he’s had a few.  Did you hear his home in Hendersonville, TN (well, it was Barry Gibb’s since he bought Johnny old home) burned down?  Sadness.

On my way home from New Orleans, I went and saw another of his old homes.  It was one of those random journeys.  I saw on the map that it was only 5 miles off of the highway on my way home…and I was by myself (i.e. no one to annoy with my jaunt).  I called the mayor.  Here’s his honor…



He invited me for a tour of the town.  Great guy.


We saw Johnny’s senior picture on display with many others at City Hall…


We saw an old gas station which served as the mill where his big brother Jack was killed as they filmed the “Walk the Line” movie.  Here’s the outside…


…and the inside…with the sign from the “Walk the Line” movie.   Notice the sawdust…it’s the acutal movie sawdust, and yes I have some.



They’re hoping to build a Johnny Cash museum in this town of 500 where he grew up, and lived before entering the military.  It would be in the large home behind the mayor in the top shot.  You can see a photo of his house in the “Hurt” video as he looks in the back window.  The video is here.

There’s a fund raising concert on May 19 if you’re in the area (about 1 hour from Memphis) and then again the first weekend of July. 

Here’s the house. 



The same man has lived in it for about 30 years…he was never in the Bee Gee’s.  He’ll sell it to you for $500,000 or you can just put $5 in the mailbox (I did) for a photo >(Outside)< of the house.  It’ll go to help the sagging roof.

May Johnny rest in peace.  Have you seen the new “Help Me” video?  Wow.



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