College students still stay up late and like Chili’s

I learned some things this week.

Seven days ago I was in Phoenix at the Master’s Commission Conference, I then went to Dallas (Waxahachie) to spend time with students at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Yesterday I was in chapel at Evangel. Busy week.

I’ve spent a lot of time with college (age) students lately. Here are a few things I learned…

1. I’ve heard it said that “this generation is overpreached and underchallenged.” I think today it’s more like “Challenged but underfacilitated.” Yesterday a student told me, “I’ve wanted to do something like a Convoy of Hope Internship for a long time but didn’t know how.”

2. Still…some are bored with the thought of missons. They like the concept and agree it’s a good and necessary thing, but aren’t sure how it applies to them if they’re not “called.” I guess perhaps that’s not necessarily news, but I saw it this week. How should the “normal” person who doesn’t preach or feel led to fill a passport connect with missions?

3. There is passion when there is buy in. I saw some people near me in Phoenix who are passionate about Guitar Hero. They don’t worship it, but they sure like it and spent a lot of time passionately playing. They’re a part of something cool. I don’t want to create a missions video game or anything, but it got me thinking…

4. Chili’s has good Fish Tacos. I enjoyed them with some very cool students from SAGU.

It was also fun seeing a friend who works hard. I worked with Pastor Ornan in the Dominican Republic…in a pretty tough place. He was in Phoenix last week and told me how much Convoy of Hope helped his church last March when I was there, and broke the news that he’ll be building a new church soon…cool.

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