What would I do if we were starving?

When I’m not traveling, I come home each night to a beautiful wife and a little girl. We’ll have a nice meal (April can sure cook) and spend some time together as a family. What if there was no food. What would I do?
Over the last few years and especially the last few weeks, the world has seen a food emergency like many have never seen before. The price of rice went up 10% last week, and in some parts of the world, they expect the price to rise 250% between now and June. In other parts of the world, crops needed to sustain families for the future have been washed away and the markets are either significantly understocked or overpriced.
If I came home and had no food for my family what would I do? If I had no food for my family for days or weeks or months, what would I do?
Would I steal from others in need?
Would I steal from those who had plenty?
Would I beg?
Would I rummage through trash to find scraps?
Would I go to the media?
Would I go to friends/family and ask for help?
If I found food, would I hord it?
If a food truck came, would I try to be first in line?
Would I go to church and ask for help?
What would conversations with my wife be like? Instead of making plans for the weekend, would I resort to offering excuses about not being able to find food that day?
Would I feel ashamed?
Would I be depressed?
Would I feel like a man?
Would I be suicidal?
I don’t know answers to many of those questions. Some answers I do know…
I think I would go to family/friends and ask for help.
I think I would go to the church for help.
I think I would be ashamed.
I’d like to think I wouldn’t steal or be suicidal or anything, but if someone was hording and I knew they had plenty and my family was starving it would be tough to keep that integrity.
It would be tough, if we were starving, to not try to rush the food truck.
What would I do? I honestly don’t know.
People who love Jesus, love their families, are proud of their hard work, and walk in integrity are asking themselves the same questions right now. Right now children are asking fathers if they found food that day. Wives are speaking with husbands about solutions for survival. Some have asked families and friends for help, some have asked the church for help. All are in need, many of them facing needs like never before.
If it were you, what would you do?

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