Michael Roe of the 77’s. A fun night.

My friend Jorin introduced me to the 77’s in 1991 when I had the (what to me was about the coolest privilege ever…because it was) opportunity to fill-in host at KADI’s Saturday night “The Rock Cries Out”. He stopped by with some cd’s (they were a new fangled thing then) and suggested I play “The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes, and the Pride of Life” from their Sticks and Stones CD.
It’s now absolutely one of my favorite 5 cds of all time. Incredible stuff.
Since then, I’ve somehow (via ebay, used stores and more) purchased just about everything they’ve ever done.

I met Mike Roe (lead singer) at the GMA Conference in about ’96, but have never seen him or them live…until last week.

Thanks to my good friend Bret, he played a solo living room show here in Springfield. I had just had surgery 2 hours earlier on my leg, but knew that not many things (was in W. Africa last time he was here) could keep me from that concert. Was valiumed up…(but that had no effect on my enjoyment) I LOVED THE SHOW!
He’s incredible. They had been signed to Island Records in the early-mid 80s even though they were a Christian band. Island was going to push them big time because they were so good. Then…Island scored another band to their label and funneled most of their promo money that way. U2. Joshua Tree. Wow.
The 77s are in that category if you ask me.
One of my favorite parts of the show was watching it with my friend from church, Brian. He’s been a fan for a long time…and has played music for years himself. We loved the show. Here’s Mike with Brian.

Finally…here’s a video of a song I requested…that first 77’s song I heard, “The Lust,…”. I’ve heard Mike is cool with people posting his stuff, but I’ll glady delete this if anyone tells me he doesn’t like it. Just let me know.

Enjoy this tune…


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