Things are happening. Here’s a shot of the charts on my wall that have the names of our incoming interns…over 40 names on those charts.

I thought I’d post an article just written about the program. It’s on It’s a reprint (with permission) of an article written by Dan Van Veen of A/G News.
Last spring, Convoy of Hope launched its internship program in oneof its efforts to create an “army of compassion” – people willing togive of themselves for the betterment of others. This initiative isin partnership with MAPS and Assemblies of God World Missions.
Thus far, interns have traveled to Uganda, El Salvador and parts ofAsia. In Uganda they helped with the repatriotizing effort. In ElSalvador they built water purification units and assisted with theNurturing Hope children’s feeding program. In Asia, they helpedlaunch ongoing feeding sites, built water filtration units and more.
This summer the Convoy of Hope Internship Program will see at least27 people traveling to Central America. Internship Director MattWilkie says the team will be meeting a host of physical needs andministering to spiritual needs as well. Wilkie says 14 additionalpeople have already registered for future sessions.
“It’s exciting to see the momentum for this kind of ministry build,”Wilkie says, who places interns through a week or more of intensetraining at Convoy of Hope’s national headquarters in Springfield,Missouri, prior to heading for the field. “In this world where we’rewitnessing massive food crises and people dying for a lack of cleanwater, this ministry is continuing to make a difference in the livesof people, physically and spiritually.”
Wilkie says that most of the Convoy of Hope interns are young people(16 and up), but he’s had an intern as old as 63. “We need peoplewith a deep passion to help others combined with the physicalendurance needed to minister in locations that offer few if anyluxuries,” he explains.
One of the reasons Wilkie believes the popularity of the internshipis growing is the Holy Spirit speaking into hearts and lives. “Ibelieve that God’s will can often be found at the crossroads of thedeep need of mankind and the deep needs of this world. We have ageneration of young people who are seeking ways to expresscompassion and make a real difference – these internships meet thatneed.”
Individuals participating in the internships refer to the experienceas “life-changing.” However, much like missionaries raise their ownsupport, interns must raise the funds to participate in these worldcompassion travels.
“It is a sacrifice,” Wilkie says. “But when something is a God-givenpassion in your life, God has the means to make it happen.”
According to Wilkie, this summer’s trip will be held from June 23through August 4. This fall, September 4 through December 11,interns will travel for an extended period to Southern Europe forministry.
To learn more about the Convoy of Hope internship program, includingfees and registration forms, visit
–Dan Van Veen

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