Will you be in or out of the Lifeboat? The government finally has the answer.

One of my favorite artists of all time is a guy named Steve Taylor. Some of his stuff is quite corny in an aging youth pastor who’s trying to stay connected sort of way…perhaps that’s the draw, I don’t know.

One of my least favorite songs of his is one called, Lifeboat. It’s interesting, but not palatable for multiple listings. Still, it offers great commentary on society and the value systems that make up our culture.

Basically…if you and a group are in a sinking lifeboat, who gets thrown over? The old lady? Perhaps the mentally disabled? You?

There’s now a goverment report with the official answer. You can read it here. Let’s just say if a major outbreak occurs, I hope it’s before I’m 85…I hope I don’t have diabetes (sorry Wilfred Brimley), and I sure hope I haven’t been burned or else…I’ll go the way of Jack in Titanic.

I suppose the government report could be helpful as Armageddon approaches, but the article sure reminded me of that old song.

For some good Steve Taylor, check out this video…

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