I spoke to a church in K.C. from Chicago with free technology

A recent movie included the line, “I love technology…” and I do.

On Sunday, I was in the Chicago area at my sister’s church (yesterday’s post). With the situations around the world such as the disaster in Myanmar and Convoy of Hope’s response, a friend who pastors in Kansas City thought it would be good to connect for a 5 minute “window” in his Sunday a.m. church service. I couldn’t be there in person, but we thought we’d give skype (a free chat/phone/web call service for those who’ve never heard of it) a try.
I’ve skyped a lot before, and even had Earl Creps share in a web cam presentation with our interns last fall, but I’d never skyped into a church service before.
Pastor Jason St. John (above with his family a couple of years ago) at Evangel Temple in Kansas City and I had a blast. It was fun. His guys did a great job of setting things up, and it took no extra money to do.
The family and I sat in front of a computer (and web cam) in the pastor’s office and spoke with his entire congregation. No feedback. No awkward pauses. It was cool.
When I’m traveling in the future, we’ve talked about doing it again. A live video conversation from Armenia? From Moldova? From El Salvador? It could be fun. And free…
Would be fun to try elsewhere. If you’re a youth pastor or pastor or whatever and want to try, email me.

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