Almost there

I’m on my way to Moldova and then Armenia to do some set-up for our fall intern teeam. It’s been a long process of delays/cancelled flights and stuff like that. I’ll skip the details. I’m on a rerouted journey, currently in transit in Frankfurt, Germany. I grabbed a Starbucks (Americano with 2 sweet-n-lows and cream) which is what’s keeping me awake to write this. While in line, I saw these two shelves…

It’s the largest collection of Starbucks mugs I’ve seen outside my kitchen or Jeff Nene’s office. I only have carry on bags…no checked luggage. Won’t waste my space on them,
and purchased none, but it got me to thinking…
1. This world is getting smaller. It’s sad in some ways, cool in some ways, but regardless of the implications, it’s getting smaller. I wonder how long it will be until this tribe will have their own Starbucks…sadly, it may be quicker than we think. Globilization.
2. I like to drink coffee.
A few moments ago, I met David, a new Facebook friend. He’s returning from Iraq where he was injured as a gunner in the National Guard. Good talk.I’ll write more from Moldova when I’ve had a bit more sleep!

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