An island of Christianity in a sea of chaos

That’s similar to a phrase used in a missions video I saw on Armenia back in ’03. I first learned of this tiny country on that day and have been excited about possibilities since.

I’m here now.

This country is full of history (saw a 1600 year old monastery today),

Beauty (I see Mt. Arrarat each morning…it’s where they believe Noah’s ark is),

Strategy (I was in some rooms where pastors go over some courageous strategy…and I won’t say more about that on the web),

and Need (I saw a group of people hoping with all in them to receive a home so they can move out of the container…much like a shipping container…that their families have lived in since a massive earthquake 20 years ago that killed 25,000 people).


I also see opportunity. Here’s a short word from our missionary host, Nick Puccini.

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