I like it when leaders are real and obviously care

I’ve read books about leadership, worked with an amazing array of leaders over the years, and have heard stories of leadership (good and bad) from friends. If there’s a quality, outside of integrity, that impresses me the most about leaders, it’s when it’s clear to all that they’re real people and they care.

This week our interns have met leaders like that. Hal Donaldson (Convoy of Hope’s founder/CEO, etc.) is as sincere and gentle of a man as I’ve ever met. He cares. He shows interest. He’s real, and everyone who knows him, knows that.

Then tonight, we had dinner together and John Bueno and his family joined us. John Bueno is the Director of the Assemblies of God World Missions. He also started Latin America Child Care in El Salvador where he served for 28 years (and continues to serve in many ways). He hung out with the team for a few hours eating dinner, telling stories, asking questions, spending time, showing interest and more. I like that. The team will spend the next 4 weeks working in the schools he started decades ago. Then, they’re off to Nicaragua.

He then sat down and reminisced with the group.

It was normal. It was good.

Here’s the group photo. His son Ron, and daughter-in-law (Bob’s wife) joined us as well…as did numerous grandchildren. Fun times, good conversation, interesting talk.

The team is wonderful. We leave tomorrow for Kansas City and they’ll fly to El Salvador early Tuesday. I’ll join them soon.

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