Where in the world is Moldova?

Still sitting in the O’Hare airport with time to share some thoughts…

The team and I are on our way to Chisnau, Moldova. I’ve had some fun conversations about Moldova lately:


With a TRAVEL agent:
Him: “Where’s Boldova? Is that in Africa?”
Me: “No…Moldova”
Him: “Is Moldova in Africa?”


With the INTERNATIONAL desk at ATT:
Her: “What country is this city in?”
Me: “It’s a country called Moldova”
Her: “Really? I don’t see it here? Is it a city?”
Me: “No…it’s a country in Europe.”
Her: “What country is Armenia in?”
Me: “It’s not a city, it’s a country in the Middle East.”
Her: “Albania?”



With the guy at the AIRPORT as I checked in my bags this morning:
Him: You’re going to Chisnau, Moldova…where is that?
Me: It’s in Europe, between Romania and Ukraine near the Black Sea.
Him: “Oh…I’ve never seen that before. Cool.”


That being said, I probably couldn’t have pointed it out on a map until a few months ago either. However, I’ve been there and I’m going back. It’s a beautiful place where the people are considered the poorerst in Europe. I look forward to telling stories from this place over the next few weeks. Here’s a map with some Photoshopped spots on the cities in which we’ll serve (Mihaileni, Saralta Galbena, Straseni):


You can also read more about Moldova here.



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