Horses and wagons, wells, and some really nice people

We made it to Moldova. We’re staying in the north where we’re working in the village of Mihaleni. Only about 3000 of the village’s 6000 residents are in town…the rest have gone to other countries to try and make money. The ones we’ve met have been wonderful and friendly.

We’ll paint the interior of the church tomorrow and then enjoy their Thanksgiving service…and meal. It’s not so much a holiday as literal thanks to God for the harvest. This is an extremely agricultural society. In fact, it’s called a village only if there is no industry…pretty much just gardens and a farming in Mihaleni.
Here you see three very familiar sites: a horse/wagon driving through town, a well, an Orthodox Church shrine of sorts. Other than trees and things, it doesn’t get any more common than this.

The team is great, the food has been wonderful, we’re just a little jet-lagged, but all is well.
Thanks for praying. I’ll keep in touch. We’re here until Tuesday when we head south.

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