Laughing with politicians

I’ve loved the last 11 days…lots and lots of time with family, staying late at the house and coming home early…and earning Incredible Pizza tickets. I’ve eaten some great food, and laughed with (at) our Presidential candidates.

Did you see them the other night? Great stuff.

I think it’s imperitive that leaders have the ability to laugh at themselves. We’re facing serious times, but we can’t be serious 24/7. Both candidates had some great lines. My favorite lines from McCain were about Hillary’s potential support and his willingness to help Keith Olbermann decorate the MSNBC office, and the favorite Obama lines were in regards to his not being born in a manger, because he wasn’t. It was a fun night.

It reminded me of President Bush and Clinton, etc. and thoughts they share at the Washington Correspondent’s Dinner.

Anyways, I’ll hit the road again tomorrow in the midst of a busier than usual fall. I look forward to sharing thoughts from the road…and then to getting home to family again soon.

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