Dear Mr. President

The other day, I wrote an email to President Bush. The crazy thing is, he’ll actually get it. Will he read it? Who knows… Karl Rove had a deal set up where if you emailed his assistant, they would print it out, and hand deliver it to the former President. They’re going to give it to him sometime today. That email is between him and me, but I wanted to share some thoughts I’d share with President Obama if we could sit down for coffee or something…

  • Congrats…
  • I will pray for you…for wisdom, wise counsel, supernatural insights, and that you’ll walk in integrity. (The same types of things I prayed for Bush.)
  • We’re at a very exciting season in our country, and you have the respect and love of a vast majority of Americans. I join them in my hopes for a stronger, more respected, America.
  • I’m excited to see the impact you’ll have internationally. I look forward to seeing open doors, a deepending respect for America, and new opportunities for people from the USA to help others abroad.
  • Remember the poor! Please reach out to the fatherless and the widow…with respect, new opportunities and a belief that with resources in their community, they can escape poverty.
  • Thank you for your service to our country. I’m sure these will be a very exciting four years, but I know they’ll come at a sacrifice to your family and your personal freedom. Thanks for being willing to make this sacrifice for our country.
  • I’m gonna be praying for you!

Those are some of the thoughts I’d share over coffee with President Obama if given the chance.

And today…what a special day for our country, regardless of political persuasion. God bless America and God bless President Obama.

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