Detained at the inauguration…reminiscing

We now have a new President. What a historic day. I’m reminiscing…in both ’01 and again in ’05 just for fun I went to the inaugurations. Not boring.

In ’05, on the day before the ceremony, snow was falling in DC. Crews were setting up for the big event, and there were fences, chairs, platforms, giant tv screens, etc. everywhere.

We were on one side of the capital hoping to get to one of the Smithsonian museums. We were given directions that included the instruction to “follow the fence.” We did. The problem is that it was snowing, it was early (not a lot of people were out yet), and a large opening was created in the fence for some large machinery. We followed the fence…through the unintended opening and on the wrong side of the fence and couldn’t get out.

Oops. We asked a worker how to get out and he got a scary look on his face. Police were summoned. They asked a lot of questions. They walked with us to a warmer area and asked a lot more questions. They called in our license numbers/etc. They asked, “Do you realize that there’s a large scale event that will be held here tomorrow and the security is tight?” We did indeed realize this.

Anyways…I could be on a watch list somewhere. We were detained (a dramatic word) for about 30 minutes or so total. They let us go. That’s my inauguration story…

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