Communicating in 2009…crazy

So last night, while playing checkers and watching Little House on the Prarie (there are never any episodes surrounding Carrie…I’ve always wondered why), I sent a text to my twitter account, which automatically updates my facebook status, “I hear Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang’s are coming to Springfield.” Literally, this was true…I did in fact hear that.

Some people replied with joy and praises.
Some with skepticism.
Some with other comments.
Nate even claimed to have helped start the rumor. I’m pretty sure he’s telling the truth too…love that guy.

Then, a guy from P.F. Chang’s office contacts me today via twitter and is checking out the rumor. I haven’t yet heard for sure either way (but I’m thinking it’s not true…but I do enjoy Kung Pao Chicken).

In the olden days (like 2-3 years ago) it would’ve taken either waiting on hold for a long time or sending a letter/email with little chance of response. Now, you don’t even have to hunt something down, they’re trolling the web for references to them about which they can respond.

Anyways…a few thoughts. I’ll share the response I get from the P.F. Chang folk…

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