Meet the team…they’re a good team

It’s been a great week. Just over a week ago, our spring ’09 team arrived. The team will soon serve in Galveston, TX; Haiti, they’ll be in the Dominican Republic and then serve another country in the region, returning to Atlanta for a Convoy of Hope outreach. It’ll be a full 2 1/2 months. This is a great team.

Let me introduce them…(left to right)

Natalie is from the Seattle area. As a Bible Quizzer she memorized much of the New Testamant. She just graduated from Evangel with a teaching degree.

Deserai is from Sioux City, IA. She also was at James River’s Master’s Commission a few years ago. Her cousin (er, her mom’s cousin) is Rick Ryan from our Convoy of Hope staff.

Bethany is a Missionary Associate who will work with Karen to lead the team. She’s been on the Convoy team for 1 1/2 years.

The bear isn’t real or on the team.

Jorel grew up as a missionary kid and will head to seminary after the term. He graduated from Bethany College.

Karen was on the fall team and is helping to lead this team. She’s an RN with a Master’s in teaching.

We have a great team…just wanted to introduce them to you. Here are 4/5 of them on the couch.



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