Off to…wait! Huh? Where am I going?


Yep…I’m in Guatemala.  About 48 hours ago, our trip to another country was abruptly cancelled.  Not an April fool’s joke either.  Still getting word as to reasons, but it’s beyond our control.  It’s a beautiful place full of special people…I hope I can get there someday.


Ever had a change of plans?  Ever stood there knowing things would work out, but you had no idea how or where or why or what or whatever?  Me…Monday night.




Prayer (over hot wings with Paul Walker…where I was when I got the call)


Understanding that God wasn’t shocked.


Cell phones, websites…surfing the web for airfares/etc. (with help from OneHope’s Kathryn and Shannon from our staff)





Within two hours we booked a flight for the team to Guatemala.  We arrived an hour ago or so. We’ll have a short spiritual retreat while we coordinate with the Convoy of Hope staff in El Salvador, then we’ll head to that country.  It’s working out better than I could ever hope.  In a few days we’ll be working with refugees, a new church plant and in other places.  Thank God for God.




BTW:  The retreat will be here…a beautiful place for a team that’s been working very, very, very hard in Haiti to soak in what He’s been doing.  Please pray it will be a holy time that brings a much greater depth to each of our lives.  Sometimes when there’s day after day of work in a foreign place, we don’t stop and let what’s happening soak in and affect us like it should.  I’m praying that’s what happens over these few days.  We head to El Salvador Saturday.



 Life with Jesus isn’t boring.

 Here’s another shot of one of my favorite places on the planet…





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