Philippines update: typhoon #5?

I just got done chatting on line with the Convoy of Hope director in the Philippines.  I had a the great privilege of working with Raul 2 years.  He’s a great man, husband, father, pastor, and leader and he really cares for his country.  He oversees the feeding of thousands of children and other Convoy of Hope projects across the country, and he oversees the Convoy of Hope disaster response.

Here’s Raul with two of the key staff members.


In the last month, the Philippines has been hit by 4 hurricanes.  In our chat, he informed me that #5 could be coming this weekend.

He says his brother’s home was under water for two days.  His home had knee deep water inside, and chest level water outside.  They have connections and means to take care of themselves in the midst of this hard time…and he’s trying to be the connection people across the Philippines so they can be taken care of the midst of this hard time.

We’ve had staff from our home office deploy to the region to work with him, but after our chat, I just felt like he could use a little extra prayer.  He’s tired, and is working very, very, very hard.

Here’s a shot I took of this beautiful country…an area now preparing to be pounded by their 5th typhoon (hurricane) in a month.


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