Thanksgiving: Moldovan style

mihthanksIn Moldova, Thanksgiving isn’t so much a day on the calendar, as it is something they make sure they do.  Each church I’ve seen has an annual “Thanksgiving” service.  It’s not on a certain date, but is during the harvest.  Everyone (and that’s pretty much a literal statement) in Moldova has a garden…it’s where they get their food.  Without the food from their garden, it would be tough to get enough food to eat.  Gardens grow and man gives thanks.


The churches have people bring some of their best produce to the altar of the church where they display it for all to see.  There’s then  a service with music, stories, preaching (sometimes by numerous people) and more music.  They thank God for what He’s provided, then they share what’s been brought with the people present.

troyHere’s Troy Darrin from last year’s service in Mihaileni.  That’s some BIG cabbage!


We got to be a part of numerous Thanksgiving services this year, like at this one in Beltsi (say it like, “Belts”):

I miss Moldova!beltsi

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