It’s not just what you do…

“It’s not just what you do, it’s what you set in motion.” I don’t remember when I first heard that phrase, but it sure is true.

Teachers teach grammar and spelling, which became key foundations to people like Mark Twain, Mark Batterson and Mark Driscoll.

Tiger’s dad gave him those golf clubs when he was just a toddler. (We’ll keep praying for you, Tiger.)

I worked with a team from the US in the country of Ghana. We worked with Ghanaian friends to distribute Books of Hope. During our two weeks in one city, together we shared about 40,000 copies of His word to students around the capital. We passed through town two months later to see that our friends had shared about 200,000 copies. Since then, they’ve shared with every student in numerous provinces of the country.

I won’t forget being 17-years-old, standing in our church parking lot and hearing a friend share an idea, “gardenWhy don’t you go on this missions trip with me to Spain?”

I don’t know what will happen from this, but last week our interns in Bangladsh worked at an orphanage to plant a rooftop garden. They didn’t work alone; many of the 250 orphans helped the process. The orphans learned about gardening and saw (most of them) their first rooftop garden.

Someday, they won’t live at an orphanage and they’ll need to provide for their families. They now have a new interest and skill.

I’d rather teach gardening than give a bag of vegetables. I’m not sure what it’ll set in motion, but maybe someday we’ll see…

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