Heading to Haiti

feetThis week we confirmed that our Summer ’10 Convoy of Hope intern team will serve in Haiti. Humbled. Excited. I’ll go there next month to begin setting things up for our work there.


Before the earthquake, few places on earth struggled like Haiti. Lack of infrastructure, extreme poverty, mudpies for lunch, corruption, disease, lack of clean water, natural disasters…you get the picture.


Then the earthquake struck. Over 200, 000 people lost their life. The country is different forever.


My prayer is that this tragedy is the catalyst for the right change in Haiti. I pray that the best minds, biggest hearts, focused souls and deep pockets will strategize and work together to see the people of Haiti get on a path that will sustain their bodies, souls and spirits.


What will our interns do? Only what we can do.

I commit that we will not:

1. Change everything about Haiti.

2. Erase the problems of Haiti and solve the crisis of the country

I commit that we will:

1. Serve

2. Love

3. Show God’s love

4. Help in a way that (as my friend Jim Harriger from Victory Mission says,) will give them not just a “hand out but a hand up.”


So far, Convoy of Hope has distributed over 8.2 million meals and over 2,000 water filters. A lot more needs to be done though…

Please pray as this team comes together! It’ll be a wonderful summer. If you or a friend is interested in joining us..let me know!

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