Praying for Dustin…and a random dusty video


I met Dustin years ago when with my friend Richard Ross in the boot heel of Missouri.  Dustin’s friends know him as someone who is funny, energetic, loves people, has traveled the world helping people, and is fun to be around. He was approved to be a part of our fall 2010 Convoy of Hope intern team.

Tragically, his car accident and the massive injuries he sustained changed his life and his plans. The wreck was in June, and he’s still in the hospital. You can keep up with his journey on the Facebook page dedicated to his journey.

Here he is standing front and center with Richard behind him and some great friends of his surrounding him.

In Kenya, our intern team prays for Dustin just about every day. As a random connection, we drove on a very, very, very “dusty” road and thought of him. Here’s that video:

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