10 things for which I’m thankful…a not so traditional list

Over the last decade, I’ve seen more of the world than I dreamed possible. It’s opened my eyes to things for which I’m thankful…things I never considered until the “around the world with Jesus” life began…here are some real examples:

arsenic in water can cause sores

arsenic in water can cause sores

1. I’m thankful I don’t have sores on my legs because of arsenic in my water supply.

2. I’m thankful we have enough food on our table so we don’t have to consider whether or not to sell a family member to those who might hurt them in order to pay for food for others in the family.

3. I’m thankful that when I go home I don’t worry about anyone in my family threatening me because of my belief system.

4. I’m thankful that every single night of my 38-year-old life I’ve had adequate shelter…in the midst of snow/ice/intense heat/wind/crazy storms and more. Every night.

5. I’m thankful I’ve never had to look in trash piles for food.

6. I’m thankful the Bible is translated into the language in which I think, dream and speak.

7. I’m thankful for the Church and amazing people around the world who care about those in need so much it’s moved them to help those in their own communities…people like Pastor Jose, Sascha, Raul, Pastor Paul, Pastor Boris and my pastor,Rick.

8. I’m thankful for people who care about others so much they’ve left home to live in the midst of those in need to offer help and hope. This year alone I’ve worked with Jason & Kristi, Duane & Lori, Karl & Ann, Dustin & Natalie, Larry, Bryan & Kim and others.

9. I’m thankful for people who partner with us so we can do what we believe we’re supposed to be doing.

10. I’m thankful that in a few hours, I’ll sit with a family I love and enjoy a fabulous meal (and good coffee…)

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