We all can carry on some of Grandma’s legacy…

Our family just returned from a week in Seattle where we celebrated my grandmother, Ruby Wilkie’s life. Many kind things were said about her. The local (Duvall, WA) newspaper will soon run a story on the woman many called “The Mother Teresa of Duvall”.


I.D. Cards from 1940

She and Grandpa Wilkie served as missionaries in Latin America beginning in the early 40’s. I was moved while going through her things when I found these I.D. cards from some of their earliest travels.

These cards note they were traveling from Santa Ana, El Salvador, the city where their missions work began. They later served in Bolivia and Uruguay.

In 2008, I was riding through the mountains of El Salvador towards that same city, Santa Ana. I was with a Latin American Child Care (LACC) school director, and we were working with the Convoy of Hope Interns. After telling the director about Grandma, I thought I’d call her. In our conversation I learned more about their work in the country, and found out she had been sponsoring a “little” girl through LACC.

I learned her name and my friend made a few phone calls. Within a few moments, we had Silvia, who was then 16-years-old, on the phone.

April and I soon met Silvia and her family. It was fun seeing the photos of my grandmother that were in her bedroom.

Silvia holding pictures of my grandmother and cousins.

Silvia holding pictures of my grandmother and cousins.

You can read about my first visit to Silvia here. We were devastated a few months later when he father was murdered. I believe Grandma’s prayers during that season were a big part of helping her family.

About a week before Grandma passed away, Silvia emailed me to let me know she would soon graduate from high school and start nursing school. She knows that she’ll be a key bread-winner for her mother and brother…and she wondered if the scholarship Grandma had been giving could go towards he collegiate work.

Normally, the scholarships end with graduation, but we’ve been given permission through LACC for donations to be made in memory of Grandma…and the funds can go towards helping Silvia through her 5-year nursing program.

To make a donation, you may mail a check with “In Memory of Ruby Wilkie” in the memo line to:


1445 N. Boonville Ave.

Springfield, MO 65802

The strongest emotion I feel as we celebrate her life isn’t sadness or despair or anything else negative, but instead it’s gratefulness. I’m thankful to have had her and her prayers in my life for these 39 years…and I know Silvia’s life is changed too. I’m hoping to work with you and others to help carry on her legacy…

Four generations...

Four generations...

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