6 days upside down: in search of better priorities

A few thoughts on the week…


Friday=Black Friday

Saturday=Small Business Saturday

Sunday=Church & a sabbath from all this shopping

Monday=Cyber Monday

Tuesday=Giving Tuesday

These days were created by different people for different reasons…Pilgrims to thank God, business owners to make money (hopefully to then serve the local and global communities), and non-profits to provide opportunity for giving so people can help others here and around the world.


In short, it seems these 6 days can be summarized as:

1. Thank you Jesus (or at least…”Cool! We have a free day for food and football”)

2. I’m going to buy stuff…some of it to even give as gifts

3. If I have anything left, I’m going to give to help people here and around the world


Turn it all upside down!

It’ll never happen, but wouldn’t it be nice if we as a culture could keep Thanksgiving as number 1, and then flip the 6 days upside down to then be stated as…


1. Thank you Jesus (for this good food, family, football and a host of other things)

2. With this gratitude, I’m going to give and help people…it’s a priority!

3. What some of what’s left, I’ll responsibly (Dave Ramsey is watching) then purchase things to bless and benefit people in my life.

4. Thank you Jesus that any of this is possible…


I’m not against capitalism at all. My last blog post touched on that issue. I’m also thankful to see “Giving Tuesday” added to the line-up. I’m encouraged to sense a growing culture of concern in our (i.e. American) culture. However, the order of these days seems like a metaphor for what I fear is true in my life at times…and maybe in others…God help me keep my priorities in order!

What do you do to help you keep the right priorities in your life?


Note:¬†Since it is “Giving Tuesday,” I’ll mention it’s beautiful to be a part of the Convoy of Hope family….and in doing so, we raise funds for what we do. You can click here to help Convoy of Hope, or here to partner with our work with Convoy of Hope and our Convoy of Hope Interns. Thank you!

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