3 Short-Term Missions Lessons from Tilling the Garden

The kids had a blast...I saw three lessons for short-term missions as we tilled the garden yesterday in Haiti.

We rode about 1½ hours up the very dusty road into the Haitian hills. We met up with a local leader who connected us through the church to a family to prepare their land for a garden. They’ve grown corn on the land before, but wanted to expand what’s planted and the size of the garden.
The team and I worked hard! Thankfully the weather was relatively pleasant and the work fun for all. The homeowner, local leader, a local agronomist, the owner’s family and plenty of children from the village helped in the process. (The children had a blast…don’t accuse us of pushing child labor!)


I see three lessons for short-term missions from today:

 -1. What we do should help prepare for after we’re gone. Since the work is short, what can we help set in motion?

tarantula-2. We worked WITH the local people. There was much with today. We loved the stories, laughs, sweat and songs. Extra special…the prayer together at the end. Another kind of extra special? Fighting that huge hairy tarantula together. Sorry friends…he ended up on the burn pile.

-3. We learned. Listening, watching, asking questions, observing and spending time with the people.


Today was a special day.

What other lessons should I add to the list?


Tilling Together

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