Hungry Farmers? Absurd! A Talk from Roger Thurow

My favorite book from 2012 is Roger Thurow’s account of his year with a group of Kenyan small holder farmers, “The Last Hunger Season.” The drama proves better than any TV show. Should they save the corn so the family can eat, sell it for school fees, or cover the cost of necessary malaria medicine so their child could recover? Difficult decisions. Great story that illustrates the larger fight against hunger, while also sharing important facts.

Hungry farmers? An oxymoron that’s both absurd and offensive.

I heard Roger share at a ONE Campaign summit last year and instantly became a fan.

Working with the Haitian peopleConnecting Point

Last week in Haiti, I loved the opportunity to work with with a short-term missions teams and small holder farmers as we joined the larger Convoy of Hope plan to help their work. Through Convoy of Hope, we’re experimenting with various seeds, working with them on best practices, and helping them budget for what is next. We empower Haitians who help lead the way. And for a few days, we stood beside farmers and helped them till their garden.

We tilled, moved large rocks and helped with a small but large step in the process. We also circled up with the farmers and others in the community, sang, laughed, ate mangoes and prayed together. Special day.

Here’s an inspiring TEDx Talk from Roger Thurow about The Last Hunger Season and the year he spent with small holder farmers in Kenya.

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