There are some great resources when it comes to leading teams, working on the mission field, connecting missions and your church, etc.  It’s currently the least developed part of this site, but I plan on doing my best to use this area to share some of the very cool resources I’ve encountered along the way.  Over time, I’ll be adding quite a bit of information I’ve gathered…

For now, there are a few blog entries that deal with a few resources I’ve seen.  You can click the resources link on the line just below this to read more.  Thanks…


Short Term Missions & Thoughts From the Bible

One finds the passion and purpose behind short-term missions in the Bible. In fact, more than passion and purpose, the Bible shares methods, insights, cross-cultural ideas and more. From the truth that all are created in His image (Genesis) to the future where people from every tribe, nation and language will stand before Jesus (Revelation), the Scriptures share fascinating insights.



Partnership information & the story behind the picture


The first in a series of four coffee coasters we’re creating

Our family is printing a series of four different coffee table coasters to share with you and others with whom we partner. This is coaster #1. (You can read about #2 here.) Here’s the story behind the photo…

While in Southeast Asia, as we set up for a large “outreach” I saw a group of kids playing on a wall. I went over with some friends to meet them. As they flew kites, laughed with each other and told stories, I jumped up on the wall. In doing so, I could see on the other side.

I took this photo from the top of the wall

I took this photo from the top of the wall

Flying kites

Standing between physical & spiritual poverty & a place of hope

There, I saw the impoverished situation in which they lived…that area has unclean water and poor sanitation and more. They had a look of joy on their faces, but the adults we saw on the other side didn’t. Also, most in that area hadn’t heard the Truth that can set them free. We were sharing that truth on the other side of the wall.

Since then, it’s been my hope to help people in their situation literally and metaphorically get “over the wall.” What can we do to help them find life saving water and nutrition and Eternal Hope?

I use the photo on the coaster on the front page of this website, and in many other places…it represents so much to me. Through our work with Convoy of Hope and our Convoy of Hope Compassion Teams, we’re doing our best to help kids like them get over the wall. And we’re working with an upcoming army of compassion to see it happen. Through a feeding program that helps them and their families in sustainable ways, we hope to help feed their bodies. Through sharing Truth, we hope to feed their spirit…and we don’t do it alone.

Our team members are required to raise money for their service with Convoy of Hope. It’s no different with us. As Career Missionary Associates with the Assemblies of God assigned to Convoy of Hope, the funds we raise will go towards living expenses, and to help keep Convoy of Hope funds focused on sharing hope with people around the world. Partnership with us helps children around the world through Convoy of Hope Compassion Team members and the work of Convoy of Hope.

We’re humbled and grateful for the people who stand with us financially, and who help us help kids like them get over the wall.

Those who pray and those who give are absolutely a part of the stories you see here.

Thanks to you for even looking at this page. For those who are a part of the financial support family, thank you. For those considering it, please know we’ll work hard to serve as good stewards. We commit to: living with integrity and generosity, a strong work ethic, and with good communication to you. We thank you too.

Special gifts and monthly support can be set up and sent by visiting our AGWM support page. There, you’ll see ways to use a debit card to send money on a monthly basis, or for specific events.

If you would like your own coaster (or some for your church/cafe/other friends/etc.) to help you remember to pray for us, and of your partnership, please email mattwilkie(at) with your address. We’ll mail you one right away.Also, please let me know if you have any questions, and again, thank you.

With appreciation,



People have asked what my favorite part of all of this is…and without hesitation I answer, “the people.” I’ve met so many special people along the journey…and I’m using this site as an endeavor to tell their stories. As I import more blog entries from years gone by, I hope to tell more stories from the past and I really look forward to telling more from the future.

You can click here to see some of the stories God’s allowed me to witness…like the one of Maria and stickers and me…or like this story with Dani and Lena.



About us

My family and faith are very important to me.  Since 1992, I’ve served through churches and around the world, first as a youth/young adult pastor, then as a short term missions team leader with OneHope and now through leading teams with Convoy of Hope.  We’ve built water filters, helped in orphanages, served through feeding programs, and do our best to share hope with those in great need.

I’ve led over 1000 people through dozens of countries on short term missions (STM) teams since 2002. I love connecting with people and other cultures here and abroad. The world is an enormous and a very small place.

My interests are vast and varied…family, excellent coffee, good food, travel, gadgets, Johnny Cash and more. However, on this site I (mostly) focus on a very narrow, but multi-faceted category…short term missions.

Through, I share on all things STM. Thoughts shared here are my own, and methods, ideas, insights, etc. are from multiple perspectives and are not necessarily those of the denomination or partner organization with whom I serve.

We serve as missionary associates with Assemblies of God World Missions and enjoy opportunities to share in churches or with other groups in the area and even around the country.  To help keeps costs at a minimum for our team members, we raise funds for this work.  You can learn more about that here.

Here’s a photo of April and me with some children in El Salvador.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’d love to hear from you and connect with you further.

With appreciation,