Cody was on Jay Leno

Cody and DLSo it wasn’t exactly a sit-down interview…but he was on Jay Leno’s show.  The fall ’09 intern team served at an outreach in Hagerstown, MD, then spent a couple of days in DC prior to heading out to Moldova.  While there, D.L. Hughley did a Jaywalking-style man on the street interview with our very own Cody.  He’s a great guy who’s been focusing on helping people like those at the camp he helped run near Canada during the summer of ’09.  He’s  now in Moldova helping people and still not learning anything about anyone’s healthcare plan.

He laughed about all of this.  We love Cody.

Here’s the link:

Meet the team…they’re a good team

It’s been a great week. Just over a week ago, our spring ’09 team arrived. The team will soon serve in Galveston, TX; Haiti, they’ll be in the Dominican Republic and then serve another country in the region, returning to Atlanta for a Convoy of Hope outreach. It’ll be a full 2 1/2 months. This is a great team.

Let me introduce them…(left to right)

Natalie is from the Seattle area. As a Bible Quizzer she memorized much of the New Testamant. She just graduated from Evangel with a teaching degree.

Deserai is from Sioux City, IA. She also was at James River’s Master’s Commission a few years ago. Her cousin (er, her mom’s cousin) is Rick Ryan from our Convoy of Hope staff.

Bethany is a Missionary Associate who will work with Karen to lead the team. She’s been on the Convoy team for 1 1/2 years.

The bear isn’t real or on the team.

Jorel grew up as a missionary kid and will head to seminary after the term. He graduated from Bethany College.

Karen was on the fall team and is helping to lead this team. She’s an RN with a Master’s in teaching.

We have a great team…just wanted to introduce them to you. Here are 4/5 of them on the couch.



Some sweet kids who love the world

April and I were in Hammond, IN, over the weekend. We shared in a youth conference at the church…it was fun. On Sunday, (in between a skype conversation with a church in K.C…more on that tomorrow) we shared for a few moments in the Kid’s Church that my sister leads.

The kids, over the last month or so, have been collecting hygiene items for hygiene kits that will be sent around the world to disaster areas through Convoy of Hope. There’s a chance the items they collected will help people in Myanmar, or earthquake victims or somewhere else. True, it won’t change the entire situation, but neither will billions of dollars from the U.N. or U.S. or whatever. Everyone needs to do their part and these kids are doing theirs.
They pray too. We loved their prayers as they surrounded us.
It was a fun day. It was a long drive home. We’re tired, but loved our time there.
Here, April and I (and my sister Debbie) are with kids from the 2nd service and the hygiene kits.

Thanks kids!!!

Good crawfish and a day at the park

I just returned from E. Texas where I worked on Saturday with a Convoy of Hope outreach in the park.  Read to see more about the day. 

Over 1,100 people came to the event in the city known for it’s oil refineries, and really good crawfish. 



The pound I ate tasted wonderful.


 It’s also home to a Buddhist Temple that used to be a church. 



At the event, I met Rodney who had served behind bars for 17 years.  He told me that the event Saturday was what was needed to spark a change in his life. We talked for about 20 minutes, and I introduced him to key people in the area that can walk with him though the next steps.   Great conversation. 



The family and I are off on Thursday to see our friends Travis and Joy ( who have just made a fun announcement on that site that has to do with the number 3, and then to see my nephew for the first time.  He’ll be dedicated on Sunday.


Life is good.


The Office ending on Thursday was shockingly beautiful.

New Orleans…still in huge need

I was in Louisiana last month…and wanted to mention a few things.  That city is still in huge need.  We were in the 9th Ward, where the flooding was beyond severe.  Here are some houses…

web (101)


You can see the spray pain on the walls where they went searching for people…the houses you see here had water nearly to the roofs before it started receding.  The house here mentions that they found a deceased dog “1 dead K9” it read…

web (105)


We had fun working with some local churches for the God Cares event.  Over 1100 people came, and over 20 adults decided to follow Jesus that day.  It was crazy hearing their stories of how they waited on roofs, on the side of highway bridges, in their attics for hours-days to be rescued.  God’s doing something huge in New Olreans, but there’s still a lot…a lot…a lot to be done.  If you’re interested in working in the area, let me know.

People wated on the bridge you see here, as water flowed through like a river.  We used it to share hope at the event in March. 

web (103)

Two great stories from Gautier…

So last on April 16, 2006 Lisa and her 4 kids, along with her ex-husband Damien moved out of the cruise ship they lived on (post Katrina…it wasn’t anything near paradise) and back to Gautier.  Don’t know the struggles they’d had, just know the marriage was over.

The SAME DAY, there was a Convoy of Hope Outreach in the city.  They went.  Skeptical.  Needed the food.  Needed the break.  Fun stuff for the kids.  Went to the connections tent, and Lisa heard about Jesus.  Felt love.  Accepted Him.  Her life changed.  Damien did the same.

web (1004)

They got involved in The Refuge, a church in Gautier, and learned more about Jesus.  They loved this new normal.  In front of the church…Damien (re)proposed.  Healing.  The officially got married, and will have a ceremony on May 19 to do so publicly.

web (1001)

I watched the family worship on Friday…they were all focused on Jesus, tears pouring.

On Saturday, Damien helped at the outreach in 100 ways, as did the two older boys, and Lisa…helped in the connenctions (i.e. prayer) tent.  She prayed with people for hours, and was able to share this new life she had, from the perspective of someone in that seat a year earlier.

web (1010)

Wonderful people.  I want to get to know them more.  When the story is typed up with quotes, and more details, I’ll link to it here. 


Last Monday (April 16) Leroy died.  Seriously.  They found him unconscious in front of his FEMA trailer, with NO VITAL SIGNS!  They called paramedics, and prayed for him like crazy.  The pulse returned (after more than a minute) and he’s now dancing with joy at the life he has.  Literally…dancing…in this photo.

God is good…

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