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connectMy name is Matt and I love connecting with people.  If we haven’t met, a little about me…

My family and faith are very important to me.  Since 1992, I’ve served through through churches and around the world, first as a youth/young adult pastor, then as part of the OneHope team and now through Convoy of Hope.  We’ve built water filters, helped in orphanages, served through feeding programs, and do our best to share hope with those in great need.

I’ve led short term mission teams (STM) since 2002 and love connecting with people and other cultures here and abroad.  The world is an enormous and a very small place.

My interests are vast and varied…from family to good food to Johnny Cash and more. However, on this site I focus on a very narrow, but multi-faceted category…short term missions.

Through www.aroundtheworldwithJesus.com, I share on all things STM. Thoughts shared here are my own, and methods, ideas, insights, etc. are from multiple perspectives and are not necessarily those of the denomination or organization with whom I serve.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’d love to hear from you and connect with you further.

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Since 2002, I've led missions teams around the world. Grateful for the privilege of serving in special places with team members from the USA and host countries, I look forward to the next journey. Hearts and heads working together as people serve Jesus makes me happy.

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