“And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent” (Romans 10:15).

Paul understood it 2000 years ago; people can’t go without being sent. Those who go on short-term teams are sent with authority, prayers, funding and the opportunity to serve people and with people around the world. Senders are an important and necessary part of the team. I’m confident that God blesses every member of the team…the senders, goers and hosts, for their obedience. When sending a team or team member, there are important issues to consider:

  • TeamworkFinancial accountability
  • ROI (Return On Investment)
  • The purpose and activities of a short-term team
  • Communication with the “goers”
  • Prayer points
  • Encouragement to those who go
  • Your role on the team
  • A biblical basis for sending

Thanks for considering the idea of sending people on short-term missions. As a trip coordinator that raises funds, I’m grateful for all team members and know the important role senders play on teams.

The bullet points above illustrate some of the current and future issues covered through Click on anything that’s highlighted to learn more, and keep watching for posts on any point not already highlighted.

What topics would you like to see discussed in relationship to sending short-term teams?

Since 2002, I've led missions teams around the world. Grateful for the privilege of serving in special places with team members from the USA and host countries, I look forward to the next journey. Hearts and heads working together as people serve Jesus makes me happy.

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