Doug Corbett is a good man…and he’s on his way back…

Doug Corbett’s office is across the hall from mine at Convoy of Hope…but our relationship goes back a lot further. I remember in the mid-late 80s when he and his family went on the mission field to Sierre Leonne. Their family was one of about 3 or 4 that I thought of when I thought of missionaries.
I remember when he got cancer for the first time about 20 years ago. I remember when he had his bone marrow transplant and came to church wearing a mask…the pastor welcomed him back and told us not to get too close to him. We cheered and we prayed.
I worked with him in the Dominican Republic last spring where I would help bandage his head. Radiation treatments from 17 years ago were killing the bone in his skull. The Dr.’s didn’t tell him about the possibility, because they didn’t figure he would live long enough for this side effect to actually effect. He was in a lot of pain.
I’ve never heard him (or heard of him) complain. Just smiles, and thanks for faith.
God’s done a lot of miracles in his life…he’s gotten to see meet his grandchildren. He’s working with an organization he loves (Convoy of Hope), he’s traveled the world and helped A LOT of people.
Check out this video from his digital camera after tragic flooding in Burundi…one of the poorest countries on the world…


Then, he had to have surgery on the skull. Crazy surgery. I won’t get detailed here. If you know Doug, you’ve likely heard all about it. He was sedated for 12 days, had numerous complications, and was in intensive care for a long time. His wife and familiy took really good care of him, and we all prayed and prayed and prayed. You can visit his hospital care page to see details.

He came to work yesterday. Not to work, but to celebrate his life, and his future. The entire staff gathered around the front door…and pretty much everybody cried tears of joy. We love Doug…and it was good to have him back if only for a visit.


He’ll be back for good soon…and will no doubt continue with his corny jokes and forwarding of emails he finds funny. That will be fun. Love ya Doug.

Here are photos of Doug and Bev, Doug at his office, and Doug and Convoy of Hope’s founder Hal Donaldson.

College students still stay up late and like Chili’s

I learned some things this week.

Seven days ago I was in Phoenix at the Master’s Commission Conference, I then went to Dallas (Waxahachie) to spend time with students at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Yesterday I was in chapel at Evangel. Busy week.

I’ve spent a lot of time with college (age) students lately. Here are a few things I learned…

1. I’ve heard it said that “this generation is overpreached and underchallenged.” I think today it’s more like “Challenged but underfacilitated.” Yesterday a student told me, “I’ve wanted to do something like a Convoy of Hope Internship for a long time but didn’t know how.”

2. Still…some are bored with the thought of missons. They like the concept and agree it’s a good and necessary thing, but aren’t sure how it applies to them if they’re not “called.” I guess perhaps that’s not necessarily news, but I saw it this week. How should the “normal” person who doesn’t preach or feel led to fill a passport connect with missions?

3. There is passion when there is buy in. I saw some people near me in Phoenix who are passionate about Guitar Hero. They don’t worship it, but they sure like it and spent a lot of time passionately playing. They’re a part of something cool. I don’t want to create a missions video game or anything, but it got me thinking…

4. Chili’s has good Fish Tacos. I enjoyed them with some very cool students from SAGU.

It was also fun seeing a friend who works hard. I worked with Pastor Ornan in the Dominican Republic…in a pretty tough place. He was in Phoenix last week and told me how much Convoy of Hope helped his church last March when I was there, and broke the news that he’ll be building a new church soon…cool.

The Dominican Republic was wonderful

On my first international adventure with Convoy of Hope, I worked with Doug Corbett to lead a team to the Dominican Republic.  Wonderful time.  I thought I’d add a photo or two for your viewing pleasure…


I had fun with Emmanuel, and was able to pass on some shoes from Convoy of Hope.  He loved these…

web (125)


Handing out food overseas was fun…




We even did some Book of Hope distribution in a school…like the old days…



Families responded well…

web (121)


It was fun.  I look forward to next time.