If you know Geneva Johnson, please visit her blog…

I echo the words of my friend Rob Cunningham who suggested two days ago that those who know Geneva Johnson should read her blog. It’s found at http://genevasfamilyblog.blogspot.com/.

We attended Evangel together and she and my sister taught 3rd grade at Weller Elementary together in the late 90s. Never knew her well, but always really respected her and appreciated her.



Jason and Amy are married. Crazy.

So…I remember meeting Jason. In bed. Did I just put that on the internet? We were in junior high and our youth pastor roomed people who didn’t know each other together on the Six Flags trip. It was him, us and another guy who was much older…and we junior highers grabbed one of those two hotel beds. Talked much of the night.
Grew up together…it was fun. Dreamed together. Made life plans for ministry wherever God would take us. I visited him in Texarkana, TX (wouldn’t want to live there…sorry Jason) and we’ve had lots o’ good times.
Amy…I’ve known her pretty well for a long time too. In fact, I was her youth pastor. Fun days…great memories. She’s always been brilliant, always been a leader. I even baptized her when she was 8. She swam to the steps (she would’ve almost drowned if she had to walk).
When Jason called me 1 1/2 years ago to let me know they were dating, I wasn’t at all surprised. There’s a few years between them, but they’re perfect for each other.
And now they’re married. I got to be a groomsman.
I was there at the kiss when the pyros went off.

They’re in Mexico honeymooning, heading home soon. That Park Crest youth group that I love so much is in very good hands…and I’m thrilled for them and happy for all those kids.
My thoughts…