An overview of our interns in 2007

I’m not living in yesterday, but wanted to share a quick overview of our interns in 2007…


Convoy of Hope JoshWe launched with two interns this spring. After one went home with a pre-existing sickness, we finished with one. Josh is a great man and I was proud to see him pave the way. He and the field guy, Sean, worked hard in the Gulf doing Katrina relief and then in Uganda helping refugees.

Our summer team grew to eight and they worked very hard in El Salvador doing outreach and building bio-sand water filters at schools across the country. The team also worked in Indianapolis, IN at an outreach that helped 4,500 people.



P1090107And finally, our fall team of nine is in the midst of incredible ministry. They worked in Charleston, SC, and the Philippines (I just returned), doing outreach and helping meet physical needs with feeding programs, school kits, and more. They returned late last year from N. Asia where they helped rehab a school and a community center, also connecting with local students who are learning English. 

Catching the chicken

Hey…I just got a Facebook page.  Didn’t really know what it was until last month.  Fun.  Still will post blogs here.  I like the fb thing though.  Would love to connect there…

I returned last week from N. Asia.  What a trip.  The team is doing well and just finished with some hard work.  They’re actually sleeping as I write this, after just touring the Great Wall on their way out of the country.  They’ll be home Friday.

Here’s a short video from when I was there.  After a long day of work, we had some fun as many chased a chicken.  Caleb sure makes us all smile…