Good timing…

On our Plan B trip to El Salvador, our first place of ministry was a small village about 30 minutes from San Salvador.  There, we worked with a local pastor who was preparing to start a church at our place of ministry.  The church started Easter Sunday.


They’ve been working in the area, but without our Plan B, they wouldn’t have been there that day.

While there, we shared food, shoes with those who needed them, and toys for the kids.  Jorel and Bethany also shared about hope and life and a future with Jesus.  After we shared with the people, a woman came to Bethany with the news that when she arrived, she had planned to kill herself in the very near future.  She decided not to that day.  Bethany prayed with her. Hope.

I don’t know the woman’s struggles…I know there’s extreme poverty, violence, drug use, gangs, and more where she pile o' foodlives.  I know that many men have abandoned their families and woman are left with little or nothing.  I don’t know her struggles, but I know they must have been big. Now? Hope.Bethany with a friend

We made sure she met people from the soon to start church.  She said she’d go…and it’s in her village.  I’ll be back soon and will check to see if she made it. The woman in the photo isn’t the one of whom I write…it didn’t seem right to take her photo.  However, this woman’s life changed that day too.

Here’s Bethany sharing the story from her perspective…

Two great stories from Gautier…

So last on April 16, 2006 Lisa and her 4 kids, along with her ex-husband Damien moved out of the cruise ship they lived on (post Katrina…it wasn’t anything near paradise) and back to Gautier.  Don’t know the struggles they’d had, just know the marriage was over.

The SAME DAY, there was a Convoy of Hope Outreach in the city.  They went.  Skeptical.  Needed the food.  Needed the break.  Fun stuff for the kids.  Went to the connections tent, and Lisa heard about Jesus.  Felt love.  Accepted Him.  Her life changed.  Damien did the same.

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They got involved in The Refuge, a church in Gautier, and learned more about Jesus.  They loved this new normal.  In front of the church…Damien (re)proposed.  Healing.  The officially got married, and will have a ceremony on May 19 to do so publicly.

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I watched the family worship on Friday…they were all focused on Jesus, tears pouring.

On Saturday, Damien helped at the outreach in 100 ways, as did the two older boys, and Lisa…helped in the connenctions (i.e. prayer) tent.  She prayed with people for hours, and was able to share this new life she had, from the perspective of someone in that seat a year earlier.

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Wonderful people.  I want to get to know them more.  When the story is typed up with quotes, and more details, I’ll link to it here. 


Last Monday (April 16) Leroy died.  Seriously.  They found him unconscious in front of his FEMA trailer, with NO VITAL SIGNS!  They called paramedics, and prayed for him like crazy.  The pulse returned (after more than a minute) and he’s now dancing with joy at the life he has.  Literally…dancing…in this photo.

God is good…

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